Friday, December 11, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

To any of you who have interacted with me in the past 1 1/2 weeks, 

Please excuse my intense and lack of awareness behavior.  That medicine I was telling you about a couple blogs ago (for babesia that can cause crazy side affects) may have caused some neurological toxicity. 

I did two out of three rounds. In between the two rounds I felt off, kind of like a thick cloud was covering my brain. I felt like my brain was not connecting to my body. Like a lack of awareness and ability to connect to the world. I'm pretty sure I zoned out more in that week then all the times in my life. I walked around with a permanent stoned look. Let's call this "marijuana phase". 

Then I did round two and the morning after those three days I started acting crazy. We will call this "cocaine phase".  My insides are actually vibrating. Okay, maybe not actually vibrating, but that's how it feels. I feel like I'm in a constant fight or flight mode. Everything is fighting words. My life motto right now is: I love Jesus, but I could punch a ho. I'm paranoid, panicked, depressed... 

I called my Dr right away and he encouraged me to stop this medication pronto. Good call doc, good call. 

All this to say. If you have seen, heard, or been near me as of late, please don't judge me. I'm aware of the fact that I'm loud and intense and crazy... But I'm not crazy, this medication is crazy. 

The hope was for this medicine to eradicate babesia. Please pray for wisdom for my Dr for a next step. And please pray this gets out of my system quickly. 

I understand this post is intense and raw. But I started this blog to be real about my Lyme healing journey. Sometimes this journey has "but God" moments and silver lining and humor. And sometimes it has high hopes meds that have serious side effects. Lyme Disease is raw and intense. I am a Lyme warrior. This is my story. 

~ There is triumph in Your presence. Healing in Your peace. So I will lift my voice proclaiming victory. (High Above It All) 

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  1. You are brave for keeping it real.<3 I'm fighting as well. Lots of healing and hope to you.